Day 11 – Hurghada

Today, we actually have NOTHING planned. We decided to visit some of the nearby shops, as this would be our last chance to buy something at a bargain price. The shops have everything with a designer logos – totally authentic, I am sure. The quality seems good but it is overwhelming. I found a couple of things that will not add weight or bulk in my suitcase.

Once I got back to the resort, we had lunch and decided to be lazy by the adult pool in the afternoon. The water was still just about freezing, despite the heat of the day outside. A “nothing to do day” is always a good thing.

We booked a reservation at the Chinese specialty restaurant, for a change. It was just okay, maybe a small increment better than the regular buffet service. Maybe we are too picky about getting excellent food because most people seemed to load their plates and gobble it all down.

We went to reception to order a to-go breakfast box, since we would be picked up at 4:00 AM tomorrow. While there, two GIANT bears came out to either delight or frighten the myriad of children in the building. Some ran up to be cuddled and others just burst out in tears. They were very intimidating and had to have been dying from the heat inside these giant suits.

With our packing completed, we went to bed early for our 3:00 AM wake up to go to the Hurghada Airport.

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