Days 18-19 – Fiji

Today is a free day to relax and enjoy what the resort has to offer. This tour was to take us to a traditional Fijian village to see their crafts on a speed boat. We decided no, thank you! Instead, we planned a snorkeling trip for tomorrow, our last day in Fiji but again, we will determine if the water might too choppy to go on a sail boat to the snorkel area. It looks like we may be enjoying the pool and another drink or two! I may even have a manicure instead!

By the way, all the men and women wear skirts. It was difficult to tell who was who but we figured out that the shorter skirts were the men and the longer ones were the women. They all sing and cater to your every need. When one server asked if there was a special occasion bringing us to Fiji, we mentioned that it was my birthday. Shortly after, all the servers came to our table to sing and brought a beautiful and delicious chocolate dessert.

Now that our time in Fiji is drawing near, we are assessing the entire trip. It was fun, mainly because we had a cohesive group who enjoyed each other’s company. That makes a big difference. It would have been good to pass on Fiji and spend a little more time in Sydney, especially out of the rain, to see areas that we missed. One couple who returned to Sydney were able to see the Blue Mountains and Bondi Beach without fog, rain, and chill. Oh well…

After two and a half days of relaxing, we were looking forward to our flight back to LA and on to Mexico. Spending three weeks on this trip seemed like a good idea, especially considering the distance from home. We will evaluate how long to be away on our next trip, next May!

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