Day 20 – Nadi to Los Angeles to Guadalajara

We hung around the resort all day until our flight left in the evening for our ten hour flight to LAX. The plan was to meet up with my cousin who lives in Santa Monica but even though we had a six hour layover, we wanted to go to a nearby pharmacy to get a COVID booster and a RSV injection. We decided to eat at the Nadi Airport, knowing that the food on the long flight wouldn’t be worth eating. And we were right!

Once we arrived at LAX, we awaited the arrival of our luggage, which we had to take to the counter for our Mexican flight. We wanted to go to a nearby pharmacy, and return within the three-hour window to check in for the Volaris flight. Getting together for lunch would have been very rushed so, no cousin visit. Hopefully, another time.

Fortunately, we were already at the same terminal to get our next flight. In the past, we had to walk a very long way to get to the Tom Bradley Terminal to board our connecting flight. That was no fun! Volaris offered to check in our carryon bags, as well as our one checked bag which was good. The overhead bins can sometimes get filled up, so getting rid of them was much easier. We watched our bags go away to the plane, including our bright yellow large bag.

We arrived in Guadalajara at 11:15 PM, only to find out that our yellow bag didn’t make the flight, although our carryon bags did. After filling out paperwork about our lost bag, we finally got home at 1:00 AM. Our housesitters were wonderful, even baking a loaf of bread to welcome us.

We fell into bed, our bed, happy to be home from the travel from Nadi. We hope that the bag will show up soon but you never know.

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