Roundup of the Trip

All in all, we enjoyed the tour. Our guide was excellent, Globus was helpful whenever needed, and we were not too rushed, nor felt that we wanted more. A smaller group would have been preferable and we will make sure of that in the future.

Going to Oceania is well-worth the time and effort. It is different from other destinations most people visit, with unique animals and coral reefs. Some of the foods we experienced are unknown in other parts of the world. They love their beer and coffee, with many coffee shops in the same block. There is no graffiti or many unhoused people. The cities are like the United Nations, with visitors and residents from all over the world, especially from many Asian nations. This results in restaurants with a huge variety of cuisines.

I have many photos that have not been posted but am happy to post them as a separate entry. I know there must be a better way to upload my pictures but so far, I haven’t figured out how to do it easily. Thus, I was behind in creating the next edition of the blog. I hope you enjoy reading about our travels. The next big trip is to Europe in May, 2024.

By the way, after a call from the Fiji Airways staff in LA that they found our bag without a baggage tag, they were kind enough to convince Volaris to take our bag on the next flight, despite we were not on that flight. Everything was in place in the bag (including Jim’s CPAP machine), giving us a sigh of relief!

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